Killing of (1) policeman and injury of (2) others in Nyala, Southern Darfur, western Sudan.

Killing of (1) policeman and injury of (2) others in Nyala, Southern Darfur, western Sudan:

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, at around 8 pm, 1 Sudanese Policeman was killed and 2 others seriously injured when a member of the Sudanese army attacked personnel at the Police station in Nyala.

According to sources and eyewitnesses, police patrols implementing lockdown orders imposed by the government of South Darfur proceeded to close the market and arrested a group of civilian men who had violated the emergency orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The men were taken to the Nyala police station and during the completion of the reporting procedures, a member of the armed forces came to demand for the release of his brother, who was among those arrested.

The man entered into an altercation with the police, pointed his rifle on those present and opened fire on them after some wrestled briefly with him for the gun that was being pointed at them. In the ensuing event, one Police Officer, Muhammad Yusef Abdullah was killed and two others Izzeldean Musa Ibrahim and Musa Issa Musa were seriously injured.

The casualties were transferred to the Nyala Police Hospital for an autopsy to be performed on the dead officer and treatment of the two injured, following which a report would be filed against to the perpetrator. At the time of reporting, no information is yet available regarding the arrest of the culprit.



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