HUDO: ‘Sudan government must protect freedom of religion’

The Sudanese Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) has called for measures to protect freedom of religion, and an investigation into the torching of three churches twice in less than a month in Bout, Blue Nile state.

The Sudan Internal, Catholic and Orthodox churches in different districts in Bout were torched on December 28, 2019. The arsonists have not been identified, and according to HUDO, the police did not investigate the arson.

Church members managed to rebuild the three churches with local materials. On the evening of January 16, the churches were torched a second time. “Again, the case was reported to the police, and again, no further steps were taken,” HUDO claims.

HUDO demands that the government respect its international obligations towards its citizens, takes immediate action to protect the constitutional rights of the affected citizens, and conducts an urgent investigation.

HUDO also wants the government to ensure that the chiefs of the Bout police are held accountable for not taking any measures to prevent the arson and protect the freedom of religion of the people in Bout.

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