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DNMD is an independent, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promote and protect human rights in Darfur region, Sudan.  We achieve this through Monitoring, Documenting, and Reporting, Assisting local human rights defenders, leading and participating in coalitions to change the human rights situation in Sudan. Our theory of change is on a proven formula, supported by over six years of work, frontline experience and a record of impact in the region of Darfur, Sudan.

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Effective implementation of all international and regional human rights instruments all over the Region of Darfur, and all Sudan.
We realise this vision through our mission to monitors, document and report (MDR) of the human rights violations, and support the local human rights defenders (HRDs) and ensure a safe and enabling environment for their work in the Darfur region and at the national level. The rule of law and accountability for human rights violations are critical for prevention of violations, conflict, and violence, the building and sustaining of peace, and achievement of inclusive development .


To promote human rights situation in Darfur region , with an interest to monitors and document the violations and humanitarian conditions of civilians, as well as to develop tools for the promotion and support to local human rights defenders, and enhance communication and build synergies with regional and global organizations working to improve the human rights situation in Darfur region ,sudan.

  • Promoting accountability for violations, Empowering human rights defenders, Building powerful advocacy to foster change for Democracy
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DNMD has over thirty-six members across the five States of Darfur. Lawyers & Doctors groups, social leadership, and Students continue to be united by this mission and guided by the following core principles

Our Principals

  • Universality, Indivisibility and Independence : Advancing and defend all human rights, as universal, indivisible and interdependent.
  • Collegiality: Striving for consensus in decision-making as a member-led network, but respecting the autonomy of individual participants’ positions.
  • Voluntary service, gender equality and equity: Ensuring volunteering work and gender balance in leadership in a democratic manner, and advancing concrete and collective actions able to affect the community positively
  • Respect for individual freedom in the Network: Striving for consensus in decision-making as a member-led network, but respecting the​ autonomy of individual member’s positions.